About Us

The Slow School of Business (Slow School) is dedicated to teaching the skills required to build fully human organisations that are driven by a higher purpose than profit.

Our courses, dinners, events and tailored Learning & Development programs are designed to unearth this higher purpose, to enrich peoples’ lives and transform cultures while offering tangible outcomes though our immersive ‘learn by doing’ approach.

We have a team of world-class educators and facilitators on board who each share the purpose, principles and learning philosophy of the school.

Why ‘slow’? In a world where fast-profit and short-term thinking dominate, the slow movement advocates a shift towards slowing down. It’s an ideology that espouses that fast is not better and that a conscious and mindful approach actually yields better results.

At Slow School we’re all about purpose AND prosperity. When we come together with a shared vision of a better world, everything is possible.

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