I’m a speaker, educator, facilitator and coach, and my practice specialises in communication and leadership development.


In 2007 – after more than 20 years in the corporate world fulfilling roles in areas of finance, six sigma, human resources, learning and development, and corporate citizenship – I decided to establish my own practice. My new professional life focuses on leadership coaching, change management consulting and communication skills training. The focus I bring is founded in authenticity, and in challenging my clients to push beyond their comfort zone. I work with clients to establish specific development areas, continuously integrate their input, and measure progress collaboratively.


I’m passionate about people in the world having the skills to speak up about what matters to them, to understand the many things about the way we communicate that don’t work, and how to handle tricky situations with skill and confidence.


My primary interest is in helping people to clarify their values, and align their communication from there. When that happens, people experience themselves and their lives from a place of connection and fulfillment, and uncover their ability to create the kinds of results that they’ve only ever dreamed of.


Email: angela@angeladadds.com
Phone: 0412 581 920
Web: www.angeladadds.com

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