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Winds shift and pages turn

Autumn’s cool breath mists the fluorescent glow of a Melbourne train platform, rustling the heavy scarves on early morning commuters. We wait patiently together, city-bound, as dawn creeps up into a horizon of office buildings and warehouses. Fresh and invigorating, each inhalation energises as I sidle along the walkway towards a break in the shadows […]

Lost in translation

When you struggle to find the words, what’s the nature of your struggle? On the surface, there are as many answers as there are situations. Maybe you’re trying to encapsulate something vast within something uncomfortably small, or vice versa. Maybe conflicting emotions or perspectives within you are vying for expression. Maybe you’re trying to communicate […]

Ready… Steady… SLOW!

The alarm clock goes off. Eyes snapping open, today’s first sight is early morning sunlight speckling the ceiling overhead. This moment is perfect. Peaceful and still. But the day’s second sight is a clamouring mental conglomeration of items to remember, tasks to do, information to check, and all those other 1001 points of attention-demand that […]