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Learning That Complements Learning

“Lifelong learner”? We’re all one of those. As far as colloquialisms go, lifelong learning has always felt like a tautology to me. If someone’s got a pulse, I reckon they’re a learner. Of course the trendiest flavours and most fashionable labels get all the attention, even and perhaps most especially in education. Being a pot […]

Dancing the Seasons

It’s so easy, in our modern concrete jungle, to lose track of the earth’s cycles. We forget – immersed in wailing alarm clocks, gridlocked commutes, and fluorescent tube-lit climate-controlled offices – that all of these exist within something far grander. The southern hemisphere’s autumnal equinox passed a few days ago: a point of equilibrium, with […]

Slow Coaching my way out of a paper bag

Have you heard? Following last year’s immensely successful remote peer-to-peer coaching pilot, Slow Coaching is building momentum! The other week I took the plunge and signed on – it’s already been an amazing ride. First I should come clean and admit I had put off jumping aboard sooner because… well… [insert convenient pretext about time […]

What do you mean?

“Of course I remember you!” she exclaimed, smile serene as any of the adjoining room’s Buddha statues, “You’re Curry Laksa.” Coming out of a brilliant seminar run by Slow School’s very own Kath Walters about the keys to effective blogging, I’d found myself near my old office in downtown Melbourne. More importantly, this is also near […]

Getting unstuck: Vulnerability won’t kill you!

Slow School is all about community, connection, and helping each other grow. We were naturally overjoyed to read this beautiful blog post by Talk on Purpose graduate Melinda Spry (which she e-penned after seeing her video featured in one of our fortnightly newsletters): www.transitionscoaching.com.au/getting-unstuck-or-vulnerability-wont-kill-you  In it she describes what it felt like to see a […]