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Message communicated. (But which one?)

We’d need several extra hands to count the proverbs, clichés and maxims decorating our collective thoughtscape on the topic of effective communication. Being a business communications freelancer when not wearing my Slow School hat, my daily bread is earned by guiding clients’ intended messages safely through this psychological labyrinth. What I’ve realised is that many […]

Making Waves and Rocking Boats

“Land ahoy!” rings clarion across the deck. Ahead a dark grey sliver forms along the horizon. Hope and exuberance fill your heart – at last! The end is in sight. You’re almost there. Exchanging triumphant grins with your shipmates in the S. S. Of Biz, you’re practically bouncing with delight towards the foredeck for a […]

Change as a Constant

What a wonderfully momentous year it’s been for the Slow School community! We’ve run more than thirty learning and community events, connected with over a thousand attendees, enjoyed mentions in both mainstream and progressive media channels – and we just celebrated our first birthday a few months ago. All this has only been possible because […]