Dancing the Seasons

It’s so easy, in our modern concrete jungle, to lose track of the earth’s cycles. We forget – immersed in wailing alarm clocks, gridlocked commutes, and fluorescent tube-lit climate-controlled offices – that all of these exist within something far grander.

The southern hemisphere’s autumnal equinox passed a few days ago: a point of equilibrium, with night and day poised in counterbalance. Heralding the transition from summer to fall, I always look forward to this as a time for paring back what is no longer necessary. Tonight I’ll even have the great fortune of joining a creative, meditative group dance to celebrate. As the weather cools and sunlit hours shorten, I take strange delight in looking inward to observe what foliage I’ll shed.

Whether it’s realising an opportunity for improvement professionally, recognising a chance to better allocate personal resources, or any other endeavour that could benefit from an unconventional perspective – I find the cycles of nature to be an infinitely rich source of inspiration.

There’s no creative solution-finder that has served me better than simply reconnecting myself with the world around me, and listening carefully as the questions and answers reverberate through it all.


Genevieve Sovereign
Community Manager – The Slow School of Business

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