Carolyn’s End of Year Party Speech 2015

This time last year we were right here in this very spot celebrating the end of a big year for Conscious Capitalism Victoria. During the year I stepped aside from my role as Victorian Leader and handed over the reigns to the wonderful Lina Hanne so that I could focus my attention on building The Slow School of Business. Tonight we’re bringing together these two wonderful communities. I know it’s the beginning of a great partnership to come.

During the year I gave birth to two beautiful babies – my book Conscious Marketing and The Slow School of Business. In the book I outlined all the reasons why the marketing industry is broken and contributing to the destruction of humanity and the planet. I implored readers to radically reinvent the way they do marketing, to have a higher purpose beyond profit in order to attract the best people and to build the best products that require no mass marketing because the product sells itself.

After launching the book I was obligated to practice what I’d preached through bringing Slow School to life. And what a year it’s been!

30 events. 1000 people. Countless glasses of wine. But it’s never been a numbers game for me. It’s never been about quantity. It’s always been about quality. I measure the success of what we’ve achieved this year by the depth of the connections made and the cohesiveness of our community.

In a business world where the only measure of success seems to be how fast you grow, how much money you make and how big you are, we’ve deliberately taken our time to go slow and go with grace. While we’ve had some monumental f**k ups, we’ve also had some wonderful successes. And throughout it all we’ve had more purpose than Pope Francis.

Slow School would not exist if it not for the incredible people who have volunteered their time and support to this movement. Everyone has given so much this year and for very little or no financial reward (YET!) For that I am so very, very grateful.

In 2016 our intention is to turn our purpose into prosperity by bringing our brilliant collective of Slow School educators, facilitators and professionals into mainstream organisations. Our intention is to do the healing work that so many of our companies and their people so desperately need. Our clients will be mid-sized organisations in the professional and financial services sector, the education sector and in the fast growing tech world.

Our aim is to ‘bring slow to fast’ and to bring a higher purpose to these organisations and their people through learning and development programs that are both experiential and transformative. We’ll be bringing creative, emotional and spiritual intelligence to the business world with lessons from the arts, nature, philosophy, ethics and values and so much more.

To keep our brilliant community connected we’ll continue to host our public events but we are taking it up a whole new level with our new venue partners (soon to be announced.) Next year we’ll be hosting Slow Dinners with Wise Teachers, Slow Drinks & Short Talks , Talk on Purpose, our peer-to-peer coaching program, Slow Coaching. And we’ll do some completely left of centre learning activities such as our field trip to Nagambie in January where we’ll meet Donna and James who will host us at their ‘off the grid’ straw bale home.

So we’ve all just shared who we are, what we do and our ONE word for 2016. And now to my one word. Because I started this whole shindig and because I’ve never been one to stick to the rules, I’m having three words. My first word is LOVE. My second is PROSPERITY and my third word is FUN!

Finally, none of us knows what our future holds. Holding on too tightly to what we hope it will be simply dulls us to what the universe actually has in store for us. All we can do is set an intention, take action and then let go of the outcome. I hope you have a love filled holiday season and we look forward to welcoming you into the Slow School community in 2016.

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Carolyn Tate
Slow School Founder


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