Is there a TED Talk in you?

What do you reckon: how do world-changing ideas spread?

Where are they found? Who gets to decide whether they’re brought into the world, and why do some burst into flight with a life of their own once they get here?

I think the answer to all of these questions is, “You.” Or more precisely, “Each of us.”

When you have a bright idea, you explore it. You poke and prod at it. You expand it in your thoughts to be larger than life. Then, while everything about it is vast and brilliant and limitless, you sharpen your mind’s eye into laser focus on the nooks and crannies. You identify key minutiae and the delicate weave of connections which unify into this monumental thoughtform you’ve conceived.

And then you decide. Will you manifest it? Is it ready to cross that bridge of neurons and synapses connecting possibility with reality? Or does it remain behind the curtains of your eyes, developing and perfecting itself in the safe recesses of your imagination?

You decide. Each of us every day decides. And we exist, living our lives, in a world full of ideas made manifest.

All the innovations of technology, of science, of philosophy and medicine: each one started out as a bright idea. Every element of our modern world – from the meals we eat to the clothes we wear to the languages we speak – had to make that crucial journey across neurons and synapses into the world we interact with daily.

It’s like breathing, the way we construct our reality. And as with breathing, we often do it subconsciously without any specific strategy or intention around what we do. We toss around our actions and our words like so many beachballs at a crowded foreshore. But just imagine what could happen if we decided to pay more attention, all of us, just a little. If we increasingly chose to construct our reality with conscious purpose, with intention, with focus and compassion. Imagine what we could accomplish then.

I find our innate powers of reality creation awe-inspiring. What’s more, it’s in our nature to apply that creative force whether we’re aware of it or not. The only choice we actually have is in how we direct it – what tools we use to craft it, what kindred souls we build it with, and via what platforms we showcase the manifestations of our bright ideas.


Genevieve Sovereign
Community Manager – The Slow School of Business


Slow School’s Talk on Purpose program gives participants a TED-like platform from which to promote their innovative business or idea, culminating in delivery of their talk in front of a live audience as well as a professionally produced video they can use for promotional purposes.

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