Lost in translation


When you struggle to find the words, what’s the nature of your struggle?

On the surface, there are as many answers as there are situations. Maybe you’re trying to encapsulate something vast within something uncomfortably small, or vice versa. Maybe conflicting emotions or perspectives within you are vying for expression. Maybe you’re trying to communicate something which, deep down and for whatever reason, you have no true desire to share.

Any and all of the above often form the foundation of my own communication blocks. The most helpful way forward I’ve found is to step back for a broader view. How do I feel, as I’m trying to communicate the message? Why do I feel this way? Is there a particular portion, point or aspect causing difficulty?

Once I better understand the nature of my hesitation, I find the block much easier to break through. Sometimes the underlying reasons are mundane and easy to fix – get some rest; have a bite to eat; clarify certain understandings; revise the presentation approach. Other times the problems are deeper – the message is inconsistent within or outside of myself; it’s not a message I’m ready to communicate; the format or medium is inadequate for the full message.

Whatever the case, taking that first step back – to breathe, to assess and to understand – is always my personal key to moving forward again.

Genevieve Sovereign
Community Manager – The Slow School of Business


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