Love as a way of life… and business

Love lessons from the character of Atticus Finch,
via Slow School Founder Carolyn Tate

I’ve just come to the end of that most exquisite 1962 movie, To Kill a Mocking Bird. The film is based on Harper Lee’s book and stars Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch, a lawyer and widowed father of two young children – Scout and Jem.

What makes this story so powerful for me, is Atticus. He is a man full to the brim with love. He exudes it in the way he fathers his children and in the way he defends an innocent black man wrongly accused of rape in a small racist town in Alabama.

He displays the seven characteristics of a loving person (according to Gary Chapman’s book Love as a way of life): kindness, patience, forgiveness, courtesy, humility, generosity, and honesty. He exudes these traits in every interaction, with every person. Love is his way of life.

I’m now left pondering how we’ve exhibited love at Slow School, and what more we can do to bring love to our community and to the business world. Your ideas are welcome!

I’m also reminded of the 50 beautiful graduates of our Talk on Purpose program, and what has made this course so magic.

I believe the answer is LOVE. It’s in the way our facilitators provide a safe container for people to tap into their ‘why’ and the stories that are waiting to be dug up like diamonds under layers and layers of coal.

It’s in the way we all become both teachers and students, learning so much from each other. It’s in the way we sit with each other when tears erupt and fears arise. It’s in the way our audience responds to our talks with appreciation and admiration at our courage.

We see love in stories like Elizabeth Sigston’s (Cancer: Beyond the Cure), Robert Davis’ (How Mickey Mouse Changed My Life) and Roger McDonald’s (For Better or Verse).

If you want to open to love as a way of life and business join us at our Talk on Purpose Program in February.

I do believe we can all be like Atticus. We can make love a way of life… and a way of business.

With love,

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Carolyn Tate
Founder, The Slow School of Business


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