Making Waves and Rocking Boats

“Land ahoy!” rings clarion across the deck. Ahead a dark grey sliver forms along the horizon. Hope and exuberance fill your heart – at last! The end is in sight. You’re almost there. Exchanging triumphant grins with your shipmates in the S. S. Of Biz, you’re practically bouncing with delight towards the foredeck for a better view.

Suddenly an ear-splitting roar thunders up from below decks. You’re shaken into a headlong stumble. Hearts in throats, crew mates and friends clasp onto each other to give and accept support – as a result, everyone manages to keep their feet. Wide eyed you glance towards the water and realise you’ve careered straight into the great glacial mass of Business as Usual.

Strangely you find that neither you nor anyone else is worried. You knew this would happen; you were all expecting it. That’s why you’re in the S. S. Of Biz, after all. Constructed with the strongest resolve and drawing upon the expertise of a well-seasoned crew who’ve navigated the hazards of Business as Usual for years, you know this ship will reach port.

Encouragement passes between friends and crew mates as you all set to work again, breaking up those sedentary ice floes. In your wake, a great fleet of other hopeful vessels navigates the waters newly freed by your passing.

Slowly and surely that grey sliver on the horizon grows, as 2016 takes everyone steadily closer to a better way of doing business.




Genevieve Sovereign
Community Manager – The Slow School of Business

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