Ready… Steady… SLOW!

The alarm clock goes off. Eyes snapping open, today’s first sight is early morning sunlight speckling the ceiling overhead. This moment is perfect. Peaceful and still.

But the day’s second sight is a clamouring mental conglomeration of items to remember, tasks to do, information to check, and all those other 1001 points of attention-demand that make up daily life.

Where am I going? What am I doing? When does which need to happen how – and why? It’s so tempting to just be swept away in the current, treading water as the day rushes past. It’s easy to forget that although going with the flow is well and good, we have a lot of power over how we travel in it.

So, is everything ready? What’s around the next river bend will always be some shade of mysterious, even on the most prosaic of days.

Are you steady? Although a deluge of moments, possibilities, duties and ideas can start feeling like it comprises the whole world right now – really the opposite is the case. Right now comprises everything about the world right now. Anything else is imagination.

Shall we Slow? While the river may provide momentum, serving as a vehicle from A to B, the act of traversing it is entirely our own. Harnessing its power to travel as far and as fast as we choose might just be the greatest creative undertaking of any day.

Genevieve Sovereign
Community Manager – The Slow School of Business


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