Seeds become fruits become seeds

At our recent Slow Dinner – Grow Your Business Tree event, I found myself contemplating what my hypothetical “perfect business” would look like. How would I align my passions, talents and insights such that I could do the most good, as well as be rewarded in the ways that are important to me?

When the discussion traveled around the room, I heard some truly amazing insights from other guests using the metaphor of a tree to model a business. Julie and Tonielle spoke of the way trees, like businesses, need to coexist symbiotically with their environment. Irma and Donna explored the cyclical nature of their seasonal changes. Gaynor pointed out that a tree’s gnarls are like scars – and can become places for fresh growth in new directions.

I went home thinking hard about all these things and came to a realisation: I had been forcibly stunting my own sapling’s growth, clinging to unnecessary beliefs that should be shed like dry leaves in autumn.

Now with the gusts of springtime shaking me out of a sleepy-sapped stupor, I feel it’s time to stretch towards the sun again. I’ve embraced the recognition that I can and want to do more with what I have. I’ve decided that making a real effort to create and cultivate my own personal brand is absolutely necessary if I’m to pursue what’s important to me.

Like Slow School, I want my business to grow organically through profound connection and symbiosis with the world around it. I want its roots to travel deep into the wise earth, and its branches to flex lithely in change’s winds. Its blossoms will be perfectly imperfect, each and every one, and its fruits will bear the seeds of my future.




Genevieve Sovereign
Community Manager – The Slow School of Business

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