Will we ever grow up?

“What’s my raison d’être? I’ve got several, as I think we all do.” – Genevieve Sovereign, Slow School Community Manager

What will I be when I grow up?

As kids, we’re encouraged to ask this of ourselves all the time. What do I want to become? How am I going to make the world better? Once I’ve got the power and freedom of being an adult, what am I going to do with it all? We think about the myriad ways we’ll define and fulfill our life’s purpose – whatever that happens to be this week.

I celebrated my birthday a few days ago. (Thanks again to all you wonderful folks in Slow School’s community on Facebook for the warm wishes!) It was a day of intensive housekeeping, literally and figuratively. Working away at the clutter of my cosy little apartment, I attempted to untangle the jumbled balls of yarn scattered around my head.

Involvement with Slow School has given me a heck of a lot to think about this year – particularly around what I’m doing and why I’m here. Programs and dinners about finding purpose and harnessing happiness have made this mid-30s self of mine wonder: What would my younger selves say about it all?

The university graduate – shiny new engineering Iron Ring gleaming on my working hand, a reminder of my ongoing responsibilities – would want to help ensure the world is healing faster than humanity is injuring it.

The highschool senior would demand I exercise the astronomically great luck and gifts at my disposal – ample resources, health, intelligence, connections and dashing good looks – to make a solid impact wherever I decide to land my punches.

The primary schooler would be exasperated that this silly old woman hasn’t become an internationally sought-after assassin and spy, dedicated to bringing down evil multinational conspirators and their foul henchmen. (She and I will talk later.)

Coming out the other end of that day-long stock take, I still didn’t have a solid answer around my purpose – although I’m also pretty sure there isn’t just one. What’s my raison d’être? I’ve got several, as I think we all do. Being part of Slow School’s incredible community is definitely one of mine, which I’m deeply grateful for.

And perhaps a key to happiness is the chance to discover and rediscover a purpose for ourselves, every day of our lives. At least, that’s my answer this year. What’s yours?

Genevieve Sovereign
Community Manager – The Slow School of Business

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