Winds shift and pages turn

Autumn’s cool breath mists the fluorescent glow of a Melbourne train platform, rustling the heavy scarves on early morning commuters. We wait patiently together, city-bound, as dawn creeps up into a horizon of office buildings and warehouses.

Fresh and invigorating, each inhalation energises as I sidle along the walkway towards a break in the shadows – there! Turning to face a golden sunrise, I catch its first rays on a smile that grows and spreads with the warmth soaking into my skin.

I remember. Things I’m grateful for dance across my awareness: the beautiful, wise, courageous people I’ve met and have yet to meet; the works of love we’ve all done and will do yet, both together and apart; the endless possibilities we each introduce to the world, just by living in it. It’s us, here now. You and me and the choices we make.

Every ending is a new beginning, if there even are such things. I personally prefer to think in terms of thermodynamics – that nothing is ever created or destroyed, only transferred or transformed.

Cascading echoes from a train horn carol across the platform, shortly followed by gusts of displaced air that send a newspaper tumbling towards me. Yesterday’s news. The date on the front flips past in a blur, and so do the contents of the next page and the next. On through the entire paper wind whips, until the final page is reached and the whole collection is tossed airborne again – up and away over the platform’s edge.

Train cars squeal to a stop. Still smiling in the brightening dawn, I reach for a door and wonder where it will take me today.

Genevieve Sovereign
Community Manager – The Slow School of Business

P. S. This is my final Slow School newsletter! It has been a deep pleasure and privilege to share words with you wonderful people, and to get to know so many of you throughout the past couple of years. I will still aim to make it to events as I’m able, and look forward to catching up! In the mean time, if you’d ever like to get in touch I’m just an email away at gsovereign.com.au. Much love always! -Gen

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