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The Purpose Project: Book Launch with Carolyn Tate | Thursday 6 July

You’re warmly invited to join Carolyn Tate and friends for a night of storytelling, cozy conversations and deep connections to celebrate the launch of her book – The Purpose Project.

You’ll get a signed copy of The Purpose Project, canapés, drinks on arrival and hear Carolyn deliver her TED-like talk on why a higher purpose than profit is an imperative in the business world today.


Can’t make the book launch in person? Join our facebook live book launch on 14 June. Click here


Talk on Purpose – Open Mic Night – Thursday 11 May

Our Talk on Purpose course has now had over 80 courageous graduates! Come celebrate their achievements with us at this fun ‘open mic’ event. If you’ve been a participant in Talk on Purpose you’ll be invited to share your talk again with us. We’ll invite you to add your name to the speaker list once you’ve registered.

We’ll also be running some fun networking games so you can get connected to your Slow School community.

Venue: Cam’s Cafe @ Abbotsford Convent, 1 St Heliers Street, Abbotsford
Date/Time: Thursday 11 May 6pm to 9pm
Catering: Food provided, drinks at own cost
Parking: Across the road in the carpark


This event is open to all past ToP Graduates, friends and the public. Nibbles will be provided and there will be a bar available for you to purchase your drinks. There is parking across the road at the convent.

We can’t wait to see you there!

Check out some of our past talks on our Youtube channel here. Click here


The Purpose Project | 5-Day Immersion Course with Carolyn Tate

Invite Carolyn Tate to bring The Purpose Project to your workplace

Purpose is both the glue of an organisation and the guiding north-star – ever present, yet never reachable. Purpose answers the most fundamental core truths; Why are we here? What is the contribution we are making? How is the world better because we exist?

A worthy purpose can be felt, seen and heard by everyone, from your employees to your customers and even the competition. This is not about sacrificing profit in the name of purpose but about ‘profiting on purpose’ by bringing your company back to its humanness.

It starts with a deep understanding of your own personal ‘work purpose’ and how we bring it to work (BYO Purpose) so that it complements the ‘higher purpose’ of your organisation.

This 5-Day immersion course is suitable for the Purpose Activists in your organisation. In groups of 12, Carolyn takes your people through the principles and practices of The Purpose Project handbook.

The course is a glorious mix of education and exploration working with models, tools, practices and stories that will cover:

1. The Power of Purpose: We define purpose, explore the history and future of purpose in leading change in business and discover how it drives vision, mission, values, culture and profitability.

2. Your Personal Work Purpose: We explore and articulate our own work purpose working with the ‘ikigai’ purpose model and 50 accompanying questions.

3. Your Organisational Purpose: We work with models that will help you bring a ‘prosperity’ mindset vs a ‘profit’ or ‘purpose’ mindset to the company and explore how purpose can compliment your culture programs.

4. The Purpose Statement: We work with a framework to co-create your personal and company purpose statements and dig deep to find the stories you can tell to start ‘purpose conversations’ with co-workers.

5. The 12 Practices of Purpose: We explore how to work with the 12 personal practices of purpose (surrendering, courage, compassion, self-care, curiosity, community, creativity, living simply, embracing nature, re-learning, redefining success and consciousness.)

6. The Purpose Project: We develop the outline of a Purpose Project you can prototype to help you make the purpose a reality across the company and with all stakeholders.

7. Pitch your Project: We end the course with each participant pitching their Purpose Project to the group and invited guests. This is a chance to declare your intention of bringing purpose to your workplace and how you plan to go about it.

What are the outcomes for you?

1. Discover your personal ‘why’ and company ‘why’ and the power of purpose as the driver of your workplace.

2. Learn how to become a Purpose Activist in your company and start a ‘purpose’ movement.

3. Receive The Purpose Project tools, models and tasks and discover how to bring them to life with your co-workers.

4. Develop a Purpose Project plan and a pitch that you can take back to your company to activate the shift towards purpose.

5. Get deeply connected to your purpose-driven co-workers so you become a cohesive and committed project team.

Who is The Purpose Project for? The Purpose Activist. Is this you?

The Purpose Activist accounts for around 10% of a company’s employees. They’re in all corners of the organisation and are the self-leaders, not necessarily the appointed leaders. They’re likely to self-nominate to become a Purpose Activist. They’re conscious, well-educated, accomplished professionals and natural leaders. They’ve been working on their personal growth for some time and are into TED talks and alternative business books and are inspired to bring consciousness and a higher purpose than profit to their company.

Increasingly they may be feeling that their personal values, beliefs and vision for a better world are out of line with the organisations values and direction. Extrinsic motivators; rewards and punishments no longer work for these people. They want their intrinsic needs to do work that is meaningful to them, to be met. They’ve been contemplating looking for another job with a purpose-driven company or starting their own business. These are the very people that are at most risk of leaving yet the ones that leaders most need to keep.

My message to these people is “face the pain, stay where you are, do all that you can with what you have now, because the workplace doesn’t need more ‘corporate escapees’. It needs people like you staying and making change from within to start a purpose movement in your company!”

What others have said about Carolyn’s purpose workshops

“I think anyone can benefit enormously from this personally and in their work, whether running their own business or employed. Purpose is intrinsic to everything – or should be.” Marion

“Thought provoking, insightful, cerebrally explorative and challenging in all the right ways. Absolutely loved it. It was more than just a day or a workshop, it feels like the start of a new chapter and a journey that can be explored and shared together.” Belinda

“I have been reflecting on our wonderful experience and wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your beautiful generosity in including me in the Purpose Project.  It was perfect.  Thoughtfully designed, sincere, provocative and completely fulfilling. You are a joy and inspiration, the essence of what the world needs more of! Its a great challenge to shape ourselves into beings of purpose, one that is utmost in my thoughts. Thank you for helping me in my quest.” Victoria

About Carolyn Tate, your Workshop Leader

Carolyn is an expert in the field of purpose. Her purpose is to unearth a higher purpose in people and organisations. She’s been passionately pursuing her own life and work purpose and studying purpose-driven companies for more than 7 years. She has a wealth of experience and knowledge to share with you. As an energetic, bold and courageous leader and storyteller, she’ll challenge you to step up and own your own personal path to purpose in life and work.

Carolyn has spent 20 years of her working in life in the corporate world and 15 years as an entrepreneur and author. She’s a keynote speaker and the founder of The Purpose Project and Talk on Purpose learning programs and The Slow School of Business. She’s a founding member of Conscious Capitalism Australia and her company is a Certified B Corporation. She’s also the author of Small Business Big Brand (2007), Marketing your Small Business for Dummies (2010), Unstuck in Provence (2014) and Conscious Marketing (2015).

The Workshop Methodology

“All learning has an emotional base” said Plato. That’s why I adopt a ‘learn by doing’, facilitated approach that brings into balance the head, the heart and the gut. We start the immersion course with a Commitment Declaration to ensure you are ready, willing and able to give your best. During the course we use a variety of learning activities including personal reflection, journaling, deep listening, pair discussions, nature-walking, storytelling and group tasks.

Everyone is equal and there is no hierarchy. You are asked to enter the space bearing no job title. We are all teachers and we are all students and we learn best in collaboration. The workshop is hosted in beautiful Abbotsford Convent surrounded by nature in order to bring you back to your natural state of being. It’s in this environment that the most profound conversations occur, the most powerful insights arise and the best choices are made.

Read our Learning Philosophy Manifesto

Contact Carolyn on 0412 806 950 or email for enquiries.


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Bring Talk on Purpose to your school or workplace

Talk on Purpose is an intensive course for the current and future leaders in our world. We help you bring your purpose to life through the power of storytelling and public speaking.

The course culminates in a TED-like graduation event where participants deliver their 3-minute talk on stage to a live audience. The talks are followed by a celebration over drinks and canapés.

Each talk can be professionally filmed and photographed providing you with invaluable marketing content to showcase your purpose and work in a way that is authentic and real.

Read more

For enquiries call Carolyn on 0412 806 950 or email

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Talk on Purpose Pop Ups | Host a mini-storytelling workshop

Our stories are a connection to ourselves and the world around us. They’re a way of sharing what’s most meaningful to us and how we wish to make an impact. Stories give people inspiration and a sense of belonging and purpose. They’re the library of humanity – and that’s why your story really does matter.

We’ve had over 70 people (adults and youth) unearth their stories at our Talk on Purpose course. We’ve spoken on topics as diverse as leadership, depression, money, impact spending, loyalty, sales, creativity, photography, climate change, bullying, cancer and many others. We’re a rich and diverse group of amazing purpose-driven leaders. We’re not gurus or slick professional speakers. We’re real people, sharing real stories with heart.  

Check out the videos here

We’re committed to sharing these stories in organisations everywhere with our ToP Pop Ups –  a one-hour mini-storytelling workshop hosted for your people at your conferences or place of work. A ToP Facilitator and three of our ToP Graduates are selected to share their stories according to your organisation’s interests.  The talks are followed by a mini-storytelling workshop to inspire your people to unearth their passion and purpose through the power of storytelling and public speaking.

Keen to find out more?  Register your interest and we’ll be in touch real soon.