Collaborative Debating: New Approach to Conflict Resolution and Negotiation

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Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I will meet you there.” – Rumi

Hoffice_croppedConflicts arise through divergence of needs. This is the case not only in our everyday lives, but perhaps even more so in business. From disparate priorities between work colleagues, to parties at odds across the negotiating table, our goals appear to deviate from those around us on a more-or-less regular basis.

Appearances can be deceiving, however. Our perception of disagreements really is “all in our heads” – and if we train our heads to look for the chances at collaboration in every conflict, we’ll find that very few obstacles are insurmountable. In contrast to traditional adversarial debating techniques, the Collaborative Debating method transforms negotiations from the frame of “winning” into the frame of finding solutions. Through meeting challenges and conflict within a supportive framework, participants learn to work together towards common goals.

In this hands-on afternoon workshop, Peace Educator Margaret Hepworth will teach her ground-breaking approach to conflict resolution and negotiation, emphasising its very real applications in the business world. You will gain:

1. Clarity around the nature of conflict and why it arises
2. Insight into how your behaviours and the behaviours of others influence resolution
3. Practical approaches for identifying and addressing the core issues of perceived conflict
4. Methods for reaching agreement and working together towards shared goals.

Once all parties understand the ways they’re actually united rather than divided, truly amazing things can be achieved. We invite you to come learn this paradigm-shifting communication approach with us!



Margaret Hepworth is an accomplished educator and facilitator working in the areas of global citizenship, conflict resolution, forgiveness and anger management. Margaret has been Head of Campus at Preshil School in Melbourne, Australia and holds a Master of Educational Studies. She published her first novel, Clarity in Time, in 2012 through Balboa Press, in which the protagonist comes to understand that to make a difference in this world, you can no longer remain a passive bystander. She is also the author of forthcoming book The Gandhi Experiment – Teaching our teenagers how to become global citizens. An active member of Initiatives of Change, Margaret keeps busy running a number of ‘life developing’ programs within the organisation.

Margaret is a vibrant presenter with extensive experience facilitating at overseas and local conferences, workshops and special events. Margaret has traveled and taught widely, including in the USA, China and India. Above all, Margaret’s belief in what she is trying to achieve – the unraveling of conflict – gives her the drive, passion and commitment required to make a difference in both the corporate and educational worlds.

Course Info
Times2pn to 5pm
DateThursday 12 November
VenueSlow School HQ,
13 Lara Street, South Yarra 3141

The Facilitator

Margaret Hepworth

Margaret Hepworth

Peace Educator and Author
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