Come on clever, collective brains – reflections following launch of the We R One World Game

I feel very strongly about this.  It is not about the game, it’s about the outcome.  It’s about challenging people to think and act.” – Slow School faculty member Sandy McDonald, after our debut of the We R One World Game

The following guest blog was kindly provided by Sandy and is entitled Come on clever, collective brains

This weekend, I learned that the world’s military arsenal has firepower 6,000 times greater than all of World War Two.

That made me sick to my soul. I have two precious grandchildren. I cannot bear to think of them incinerated in an inferno beyond our imagination.

So what will we do about this?  You and me?

How will you and I – apparently small dots of inconsequence on the world stage, not even motes of dust in the vision of those that lead us – make a realisable change?

We were at the We R One World Game.


There were seventy brains in the room. Brains, we’re told that have a collective power even super computers cannot begin to match.

How can we harness that intelligence, energy, and belief?

What is the mechanism by which you and I can come together to make a change so disruptive that governments finally understand they have to reduce the world’s arsenal? Terrorists become advocates of peace?  Every belly is filled with food and clean water?  Everyone can read, write, and count?

We cannot do it alone. We cannot do it with ideas alone. We could do it incrementally and with connection.

We have one thing increasingly in common in the world today.  The mobile phone.  Even among some of the poorest people, mobile phone usage is ubiquitous.

Come on clever, collective brains.  Think. Communicate. Connect. Construct.

Here is an example we’re working on.

  • There are an estimated 25 million children orphaned, abandoned and abused, world wide.  There are millions of carers.  Many of them have mobile phones.
  • There are over 53 million knitters and 78 million quilters in the United States alone. Google research shows that many of them want to make a difference with their craft.

They all have mobile phones.  What is the common denominator?  How can we put the crafters and carers together to help these children who are part of the next generation to effect change?

– Sandy

Slow School’s next day of thinking outside the box as global citizens is just around the corner.

We R One World Game is happening again on Friday 18th September, 9am to 5pm
Donkey Wheel House, 2/673 Bourke Street, Melbourne CBD

For more information visit www.slowschool.com.au/we-r-one-world-game-2


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