Geraldine Coy is a truth activist, author of Brave Truth the book, developer of Brave Truth the board game, and Managing Partner at Red Tin Shed. Geraldine is passionate about developing authentic leadership with the capability to drive focused outcomes. She brings energy and fortitude to individuals and teams and through her own life journey, compassion and a deep understanding of values in practice.

The Brave Truth experience is a game-changing opportunity for teams to rapidly develop their relationships in trust, so that they grow to become a High Performance team. A Team, Leadership, Diversity and Culture Change initiative, Brave Truth ensures maximum participation of individuals as they undergo discovery of unconscious bias, beliefs and personal perceptual frameworks, in a safe, non-judgmental environment. Team players find mutuality in trust and respect as they grow their understanding of their similarities, as opposed to a more traditional focus on differences. This is truth and trust which is portable back to the workplace, and cascaded through genuine and good leadership.


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