Introducing the Hoffice

The next evolutionary step in co-working is here, and it’s been dubbed the “hoffice”.

Launched as the brain child of Swedish entrepreneur Christofer Graden Franzen, home offices or “hoffices” provide a space for freelancers, consultants, artists, solitary professionals and independent traders of all stripes to connect and enjoy the comforts of a home while working alongside other trail-blazing entrepreneurs. As Franzen explains, “The problem with working at home for most of us, is to be so lonely in the complex soup we call life. All our addictions of distracting ourselves, all escape mechanisms here and there – they’re difficult to handle when you’re on your own.”

The hoffice concept solves these issues by enabling participants to spend their days in a social working environment that allows them to be productive without ignoring other vitally important human needs. Participants support each other to concentrate their efforts on self-identified priorities – and to work methodically, accountability and with focus. Throughout the course of a typical hoffice day, intensive work periods (~45mins) are interspersed with short breaks (~15mins) that involve some form of structured physical, social or mindfulness activity – such as meditation, stretching, games or connection-building exercises. The idea is to empower participants to continuously learn about their optimal working processes and, ultimately, themselves. Participants actively contribute to a shared environment and work practice that helps everyone feel happy, calm, creative, refreshed and inspired throughout the workday.

The team at Slow School is excited to announce we’ve launched our own Melbourne hoffice to serve as Slow School HQ. Our hoffice will function as a sustainable co-living and co-working environment where members come to connect, collaborate and accomplish their goals. Plans are underway to start designing the space to make it a fun, vibrant and respectful environment suited to both work and play.

If you’re one of the ever-growing tribe of entrepreneurs wanting to do things differently and work in a fun environment with great people, we suggest connecting with other like-minded professionals in your area and exploring the possibility of establishing a hoffice near you.

Or come along and be a part of our new Melbourne hoffice right here in Prahran/South Yarra Melbourne.

For more information about the hoffice concept, visit http://hoffice.nu/en

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