How I got naked on stage

Guest blog by Meg Dreschler

Life is full of transitions.

We try out different roles as we travel life’s stages, playing each scene in the style we choose.

I’ve played the ‘marketing professional’ role for a long time. Scenes featuring me in front of large and expectant crowds have been common. When the show’s all about selling or teaching, I know the script. The costume fits.

But this stage required something very different from me. This stage was for sharing ideas worth spreading, not selling ideas worth buying. Putting on my ‘business costume’ and pretending to be credible just wasn’t going to cut it.

I was about to get naked.

While fully clothed, I told more than 100 people about my most vulnerable moment. That moment is the reason I began Grow Tales.

Weeks of practice stripping off amongst supportive facilitators and classmates at Slow School gave me enough courage to share the true, personal story behind Grow Tales.

I’ve learned that my story is my purpose, that it is shared by many, and that it deserves to be shared.

I doubt many of us students intended to get so personal. The thought of sharing the ‘real me’ publicly was absolutely horrifying at first. But after standing up and talking every week, learning the secrets of a great talk, having our talks ‘fed-forward’ countless times, facing personal doubts and demons, and a few sorely needed drinks and buddy chats… sharing something authentic no longer felt so scary. It felt right. And it felt necessary.

Last night, I took to the stage feeling electric.

Meg Drechsler

The real Meg Drechsler was on stage… no longer a pretender. Just me. As I stepped away from the microphone, I didn’t feel razzed up or worn out as I can be after a sales pitch.

What I felt was: calm, complete, proud and happy.

I’m grateful for my classmates’ support and privileged to support their steps onto the stage. A play is only as good as its actors – and at this unique school, everyone played a part in our shared success.

Last night marked a new stage in my life. One in which my voice is free, powerful, generous and ready to make great things happen.

If you were granted the courage to take to the stage ‘naked’ – what would you say?


Guest blogger Meg Dreschler is a graduate of Slow School’s “Is there a TED-style talk in you?” program and the founder of Grow Tales.


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