My passions are supporting youth, youth-at-risk, education and social enterprise. I bring these together as a business coach and consultant in the fields of productivity, community and partnership engagement. By focusing our energies on core elements and effective strategies, we can build engaged communities around us that are united by shared mission, vision and purpose.

Drawing upon my experience across law, finance, governance and IT both in Australia and overseas, in 2005 I founded Brightstar Consulting. As my work came to focus increasingly on effective communication and message delivery, I developed an innovative 3×3 grid framework to train speakers in crafting powerful messages and memorable stories. This framework is now used globally by the National Speakers Association and Toastmasters, as well as by some of Australia’s top speakers, thought leaders, entrepreneurs and business luminaries.

In 2009 I became the curator of TEDxMelbourne, which runs independently organised TED events in Victoria’s capital city. TEDxMelbourne has filled 1000-seat auditoriums, and one event held at the State Library broke a record by selling out in just 90 minutes.

The transformative potential of community-building is undeniable. I look forward to co-creating it with you, here at Slow School.

Phone: 03 9010 5751

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