For most people, getting noticed by the media is like being a gold nugget in a river of sand. It’s very common for people to spend thousands on public relations and creating online content without getting a return for their efforts. Ouch.

I can help. I’m Kath Walters, and I’m an expert in content marketing and media relations.

Over my 16 years as a business journalist for industry-leading print and digital media mastheads, I’ve reached an estimated 20 million readers. I’ve wooed their trust and loyalty with informative, compelling and carefully researched words – over 1.3 million of them!

I know how to get results and turn the process from pain to pleasure. I’m passionate about helping people build trusted relationships with the media, and with their customers, and turning content into cash.  I run training workshops, am a mentor and coach, and write regular blogs. I’m also currently writing a book on content marketing.

My twin passions of media relations and innovative communication have led me to become an avid supporter of Slow School. Its emphasis on community, collaboration, consciousness and unconventional learning make it an ideal environment for growth – both personal and professional.


Mobile: 04 2504 0020


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