Keep your people. Get on purpose.

Almost daily at Slow School, we come across disillusioned corporate workers contemplating the big escape into entrepreneurship. They’re exhausted and disconnected from themselves, their peers and the company they work for.

Not so long ago I would’ve been right behind these potential Corporate Escapees pushing them off the corporate ship. Today however, I’d be encouraging them to stay.

Today I’d be encouraging them to reconnect with their ‘why’, their purpose, and that very first reason they chose their profession or took that job in the first place. I’d be explaining that their purpose is not necessarily found in another job, a new business, a new company or another country. I’d be telling them it’s closer than they think and I’d be urging them to unearth their Golden Buddha.

“In 1957 an entire Monastery in Thailand was being relocated by a group of monks. One day they were moving a giant clay Buddha when one of the monks noticed a large crack in the clay. On closer investigation he saw there was a golden light emanating from the crack. The monk used a hammer and a chisel to chip away at the clay exterior until he revealed that the statue was in fact made of solid gold.

Historians believe the Buddha had been covered with clay by Thai monks several hundred years earlier to protect it from an attack by the Burmese army. In the attack, all the monks had been killed and it wasn’t until 1957 that this great treasure was actually discovered. READ MORE ”

And finally I’d be suggesting that they tap into their purpose through storytelling and public speaking at our Talk on Purpose course.

We’re bringing Talk on Purpose (ToP) to companies and schools across Australia. If you’re keen to find out just how powerful this course can be for your people, invite us in to deliver a ToP Pop-up Workshop for your people. We know we can help! Find out more

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