Life – a game of participation

Guest blog by Katrina Edwards

When I first started to write and prepare for Slow School’s Talk on Purpose (previously ‘Is there a TED-style talk in you?’) program my old self-beliefs, childhood memories and lessons learned announced themselves as important. The business owner, teacher and mother definitely had something to say:

 Katrina Edwards Thank you to Rob Moorman and Hunting with Pixels for the excellent social videography!


Being part of this program created an extraordinary opportunity to participate, pull apart, deconstruct and search for meaning – to be real.

Many uncomfortable and disconcerting moments arose. Periods of not knowing and not being able to connect with my purpose drew me up short. I had to really pluck up the courage to work through these uncomfortable times.

I had to find the courage to allow and accept disorganization and confusion. I learned to be patient enough to wait for the idea or story to present itself – and then be prepared to accept it is as not the final version.

But the experience also reinforced that when we fully participate, we experience life deeply. It’s in this space that we feel the extraordinary, hear the possibilities and see the opportunities.

If life becomes a ‘game of participation’ we’re capable of anything and everything. The capability for anything and everything is found in the nothing – in the pauses, the silence, the peace. It’s in this space that our truth emerges.

Put yourself in a new and unfamiliar scenario and prepare to get totally out of your comfort zone. Once you’ve made a choice to open up, the most amazing messages and stories reveal themselves.  Participate today with every little piece of you. The message you are passionate to share will appear and, afterwards, a heart-bursting pride will overcome you. Give it a try.


Katrina Edwards is the Director of Aligned for Life. Since completing this program her public-speaking confidence has increased substantially, she’s reignited her passion for her business, and has realigned the company’s purpose and vision.


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