I am Megan Davis, a social media consultant and the founder of Spendlove and Lamb. I love helping people create the right voice for themselves online. I love working with people, businesses and organisations who want to make the world just a little bit better!

A well-planned digital strategy is a framework that connects you to people and organisations who need what you do. Having an active presence online makes you a familiar and trusted voice in a sea of white noise.

I work with my clients to actively seek out other businesses and individuals to form a support network to achieve common goals. Open communication is what builds trust and transparency. To stay at the forefront of people’s minds, it is important to be a conversation starter, not a follower.

Website: www.spendloveandlamb.com
Email: megan@spendloveandlamb.com
Twitter: www.twitter.com/SpendloveLamb
LinkedIn: au.linkedin.com/pub/megan-davis/25/1b2/b34
Facebook: www.facebook.com/SpendloveandLamb

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