Need some ‘inspiraction’?

Inspiraction [noun]: An emotionally and/or spiritually inspired idea that compels one to take action without delay. Otherwise known as ‘inspired action’.

There’s no lack of inspiration in the world today and there’s no lack of action. Inspiration without action however, is nothing. And action without inspiration, at its worst, can be deadly.

That’s why the world urgently needs more people functioning in a state of ‘inspiraction’.

Inspiraction comes to you while hiking in nature, in meditation or while practicing deep listening with others. It erupts from your belly, springs into your heart and becomes a thought that turns into a string of deeds resulting in something real and meaningful. When you operate from ‘inspired action’ you just have work to do.

Just 10 months ago I was walking around my local park when the inspiraction for Talk on Purpose took a hold of me. The idea was stimulated by my love of TED talks and my passion to help others share their purpose and their story.

This inspiraction is now manifesting itself again at our Talk on Purpose Graduation party.

13 passionate change makers – people committed to living and working at the intersection of their talents, passions and strengths in the service of others – will be sharing their short (3-5 minute) talks with you.

Introducing our speakers:

Philippe Guichard | Penny Locaso | Paulina Larocca | Geraldine Coy | Louise Neville | Liz Sigston | Irma Zimmerman | Natalie Dunn | Jessica Purbrick-Herbst | Trudi Saul | David Corduff | Renee Dela Cruz | Anita Harnden

Introducing our Slow School faculty:

Robert Moorman (Social Videographer) | Sandy McDonald (TEDx Speaker) | Jon Yeo (TEDxMelbourne Curator) | Yamini Naidu (Business Storyteller) | Carolyn Tate (Slow School Curator)

If you’re looking for some inspiraction, then there’s no better place to find it than within the Slow School community. Please come celebrate with us and share the love at our after-party.

Date: Friday 21 August
Time: 6pm to 9pm
Venue: Level 2, 673 Donkey Wheel House, Bourke Street, Melbourne
Catering: Food and drinks provided


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