Our Learning Philosophy

We are all teachers and we are all students. We are each responsible for own learning. We define success on our own terms. We accept nothing without question.

We are creative and imaginative. We follow our intuition.

We talk less. We ask good questions. We listen deeply to the answers. We refrain from giving unsolicited advice. We give honest feedback and we do it with love.

We know that knowledge is nothing without action. We learn best by doing. We take action to get clarity. We treat failures as experiments.

We are slow and mindful in our actions. We practice meditation and we pause for reflection. We play games, act and do activities to expand our creativity.

We are openhearted and open-minded. We are vulnerable, honest and transparent. We give, and get, deep respect. We do not judge. We give more and take less. We do what we say we will.

We care deeply for each other, our community and the planet.

We share the real stuff. We cry. We laugh. We dine together.

We take the road less travelled. We are visionaries, renegades and mischief-makers. We pursue a higher purpose. We work towards prosperity – for everyone.

We know that ‘slow and steady’ wins the race. We also know there is no race, for we believe in co-operation and collaboration, not competition.

We trust that when we come together to learn, connect, collaborate and play with a shared vision of a better world, that everything is possible…absolutely everything.