Purpose Ambassador Invitation

As one of our Talk on Purpose graduates/ supporters, the team at Slow School are pleased to invite you to become a Purpose Ambassador.

The Purpose Ambassador program is a special opportunity for you to share your story, work towards your purpose and help others find theirs. It’s a valuable learning experience to share the stage with other graduates and be a part of a growing community of Purpose-driven Ambassadors.

Since launching Talk on Purpose in November 2014 we’ve had over 70 amazing individuals unearth their unique and personal stories. Our aim by December 2017 is to make that 200 people.

To reach our goals, we’ll be hosting  Talk on Purpose Pop Ups ( a free one-hour mini storytelling workshop) in companies, schools and universities.  We’re asking you, as an ambassador, to invite your networks/contacts to host a ToP Pop Up at their place of work, giving you the opportunity to deliver your talk again with other graduates and a ToP facilitator. The aim is to inspire individuals in organisations to connect to their purpose through storytelling and public speaking.

A Purpose Ambassadorship offers you the opportunity to:

  • Polish up your talk to reaffirm your own passion and purpose
  • Provide something unique and valuable to your clients and networks
  • Receive a Prosperity Payment for future courses
  • Be considered to become an Accredited ToP Facilitator
  • Host a Talk on Purpose course/s with your clients
  • Attend an ambassador drinks night on Thursday 13 October. Register here

If each ambassador was to secure one ToP Pop-up that would be an amazing achievement! It would also be a great way for you to keep sharing your own talk while promoting this incredibly valuable course to bring more purpose to the world of work.

We look forward to having you on board as our Purpose Ambassador! For more information or questions contact Carolyn@slowschool.com.au or phone 0412 806 950.

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