The most important question you can ask someone is, “What’s your story?”


I love discovering the things that make people tick, and then translating them into impactful video content which builds meaningful connections with its viewers.


I’m a video strategist, and meaningful connection is my why. I believe there’s far too much noise and nonsense in the world right now. To move beyond it, we need to lift our game as professionals and produce engaging content that has a real positive impact. It’s all about changing how we think and interact, and extending that change seamlessly into the way we live.


My background is in the music industry, as a producer and VJ. I’ve worked for MTV Europe, UK and Australia in various roles – mainly around digital and mobile video. I’m passionate about understanding what makes people tick (and click) around content, and I never get tired of looking at the metrics to figure out how people behave and interact with visual elements.


In an alternate life, I’d probably have been a psychologist. There’s no end to my fascination with how our minds work. Either that or I’d be a hamster on an exercise wheel – I’ve tracked my usage of cars vs. bicycles since 2003, and bikes are well ahead at this point!



Phone: 04 3107 2693 | 1300 505 262

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