Sneak peek from facilitator Ron Laurie on the We R One World Game

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model which makes the existing model obsolete.” – Buckminster Fuller, creator of the World Game

Slow School faculty member Ron Laurie brings to fruition this idea of creating change, through the ground-breaking We R One World Game. As he explains, “The game appeals to people who grapple with the question, ‘Surely there must be a better way, surely we can do something about the world?’ It attracts the curious, the inquisitive, the pioneer, the adventurer, the risk taker, the collaborator. But that’s not the only type of person who should be there. It’s really for every person who has an inkling that what they do as a human being is important.”

The World Game began in the 1970s and is derived from Buckminster Fuller’s idea that “we are all astronauts on this spaceship called Earth.” The funny thing about this phrase is that there has never been a manual on how to drive our spaceship. Fuller himself was trying to work out what the instruction manual for spaceship Earth was, and so came the World Game. Ron played the game twenty years ago and gained a life-changing insight into himself and the world, “The moment I walked into the environment of the World Game, I realised right there that I wasn’t thinking comprehensively enough. I was only thinking about what was going on in my localised area. The World Game gave me a bigger perspective from which to work. It vastly opened up my awareness and perspectives.”

Buckminster Fuller claimed that we do not in fact have a crisis of resources – it’s just that we’re not distributing them intelligently – but we do have a crisis of consciousness. Ron agrees, explaining, “We do possess the intellects to actually deal with the challenges we face in the world. It’s just that we’re not thinking of the world as a world of abundance. Rather, we’re thinking of the world as a world of lack.” This is something which Ron believes the We R One World Game can change, “It is a game that aims to shift a person’s consciousness and awareness, so they have an experience within themselves of new ways of looking at things. They walk away never seeing the world the same way again.”


Wary not to give too much away about the game, Ron provides a small insight into what can be expected at the We R One World Game, “I would describe the game as an experience. It’s an immersive, live action role play understanding where you begin to experience first-hand some of the challenges that are happening in the world – from the perspective of a participant, not just an observer.” Ron hints there are lots of surprises and many ah-ha moments, which we love here at Slow School.

What can we expect to get out of the game? Ron hopes that the We R One World Game’s cumulative effect for participants is that, “It is an experience which I would say you will never forget. You will always have a reference point. I would hope that people walk away  asking themselves, ‘What can I do that would make a difference to the world?’ ”

The next We R One World Game day is… 


Friday 18th September, 9am to 5pm
Donkey Wheel House, 2/673 Bourke Street, Melbourne CBD


To get your tickets to an upcoming game or to find more information, visit www.slowschool.com.au/we-r-one-world-game-2



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