As an advisor to and participant at Slow School, I’m interested in fostering new ways of learning and collaborating. After graduating in law I embarked on a career in publishing, with focus on the professional, legal, financial services and business information markets. Working for major global brands, I’ve held senior roles in editorial, product management, business development and content licensing – including executive postings in London, Hong Kong, Sydney and Melbourne.

Several years ago I redirected my career towards consulting, board and start-up assignments. I now help private, family-owned and emerging businesses connect with their purpose. I assist their pursuit of strategies for sustainable growth, and help them meet their governance obligations.

I’m also the author of Content in Context, a weekly blog that explores the information age. I’m an enthusiastic self-taught musician too and, in addition to self-releasing my own music via the Internet, I’ve had several compositions broadcast on ABC Radio National. I’ve presented music programmes on community radio, and in a former life was a critic and reviewer, played in various bands, and worked in a second-hand record shop. All of these experiences have enriched my life, and I look forward to further enrichment with each new day.





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