I believe in the powerful ideas, designs and experiences that drive us to understand, learn and innovate. I’m passionate about developing knowledge between individuals and communities, creating the space for creativity and meaningful stories – to build understanding of important issues through different art forms.

As a long time supporter of the Slow School of Business, I have a strong passion to support purpose-driven businesses and independent creatives that work to build, enrich and integrate diverse and innovative communities. I believe it is important to find connection, learning and embrace collaboration and purpose in all that we do.

In the past year, I have worked in Marketing and Seller Development at Etsy where I was exposed to the magic of maker communities around the world. Etsy is a certified B corporation marketplace that supports local artists, makers and designers to create their own business. It is a people-powered ecosystem that connects people through a thoughtful buying and selling experience, finding meaning in handmade products and building relationships with independent makers to ensure equal access to opportunities.

My experiences have reinforced how business can be a transformative and powerful force for change. It is a safe space for connections, community and being true to one’s self – and its strength comes from allowing these elements of courage and vulnerability to thrive. Like many of Etsy’s makers, I hope to support the development of exciting and meaningful communities who have found a place –  their happy place, of business, purpose and collective goodness in the world.

Now as the Community Manager at the Slow School of Business, I’m excited for the opportunity to connect with like-minded people and support an organisation that places the principles and philosophy of purpose and collaborative learning at the centre of its work. Most of all, I would love to learn from the diverse community and take this amazing experience to create my own meaningful project sometime in the future.

I’m also currently studying a Master of Arts & Community Practice at the University of Melbourne exploring this intersection of art-making and community-making. Through my research in this field, I am taking a deeper look into the role of creativity and design to foster a strong sense of belonging and compassion within communities on a local and global level.

I love meaningful conversations, collaborations and getting to know unique projects, people and philosophies – so please feel free to connect.

Email: sarah(at)slowschool.com.au

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