Slow Dinner – Handling Those Difficult Conversations

About the event

Awkward! Ever found yourself in any of these tricky situations?

  • Your boss keeps interrupting you when you have meetings and now you’ve stopped sharing your good ideas because it’s too frustrating. You just got feedback in your annual review that you don’t contribute enough to team meetings.
  • One of your colleagues (a peer) is always late for your project meetings and it is making you feel really annoyed and disrespected. You really need their help on the project and don’t want to get them offside.
  • Your good friend borrowed $200 five weeks ago and promised to repay it within a week. You haven’t heard from her since you lent her the money.
  • Your most valuable client regularly calls you for advice. It used to just be five or ten minutes, but last week it was close to five hours of time that you gave her. You haven’t charged her in the past but you can’t keep giving away this much time for nothing.

Beyond-conflictSome people just seem to handle situations like these with apparent ease and effortless grace. They’re usually skilled in how to first raise tricky conversations without causing upset. They also know how to stay on track and get the problem properly aired and understood, and then make an agreement as to who will do what by when.

Creating great results in your life depends on your ability to handle tricky situations without compromising what matters to you, and at the same time not unnecessarily diminishing good friendships and working relationships. If you’d like to learn how that’s done, come along to this dinner with expert Angela Dadds. It’s sure to be a conversation you’ll be glad you had!

Ticket price includes workshop participation and meal. If you have any dietary requirements, please contact us. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages will be available for purchase from the venue.

Angela Dadds is a speaker, educator, facilitator and coach. She’s passionate about people in the world having the skills to speak up about what matters to them, to understand the many things about the way we communicate that don’t work, and how to handle tricky situations with skill and confidence. She focuses on helping people to clarify their values, and align their communication from there. When that happens, people experience themselves and their lives from a place of connection and fulfillment, and uncover their ability to create the kinds of results that they’ve only ever dreamed of.

NB: Tickets to this dinner are non-refundable or transferable to other Slow School classes. You are however able to pass on your ticket to a colleague to attend in your absence.

Course Info
Time6pm to 9pm
DateTuesday 3 May
VenueCafe Republic, 160 Toorak Road
South Yarra VIC 3141

Your facilitator

Angela Dadds

Angela Dadds

Leadership and Communication Specialist

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