Talk on Purpose is a four-day intensive course for the current and future leaders in our world. We help you bring your purpose to life through the power of storytelling and public speaking.

The course culminates in a TED-like graduation event where participants deliver their 3-minute talk on stage to a live audience. The talks are followed by a celebration over drinks and canapés.

Each talk is professionally filmed and photographed providing you with invaluable marketing content to showcase your purpose and work in a way that is authentic and real.

“Those who tell the stories, rule the world.” – Plato

Melbourne Public Course

COURSE DATES: Monday 4 September to Thursday 7 September

GRADUATION DATE: Thursday 7 September @ 6pm

FACILITATORS: Carolyn Tate & Sandy McDonald

VENUE: Abbotsford Convent, Abbotsford, Melbourne


COST: $1800 + GST
(+ $395 for edited video)

“The essence of leadership has nothing to do with title and position and everything to do with the desire to serve others and something beyond ourselves, a higher purpose. It’s at the intersection of purpose, storytelling and public speaking that true leaders are born. And that’s what Talk on Purpose is all about.”

– Carolyn Tate
Founder of The Slow School of Business


PurposeGain clarity of purpose at work and the message to be shared.
StorytellingUncover what makes a brilliant story and where to find them.
Speech WritingWrite a script with a high impact beginning, middle and end.
Public SpeakingPractice the talk over and over and deliver it live on stage.
LeadershipStep into a space of leadership in your life and at work.
Human SkillsBecome a more authentic and compassionate communicator.
GraduationShare the talk and celebrate achievements with co-workers.
VideographyThe talk is professionally filmed and raw footage is provided to you. An extra cost of $395 is charged should you desire an edited version of your talk.
Photography Have the journey captured beautifully in high quality images.
MarketingDiscover how your company can leverage the talks.


We have over 60 graduates of our Talk on Purpose course. Here’s just a small sample of how we’ve changed their lives.