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The Purpose Project | Workshop your WHY | Sydney 28 September

Bring your why to work. Start where you are.

This one-day workshop is a unique opportunity for you to develop and share your Purpose Project with a group of like-minded people who are also passionate about bringing their why to work.

The workshop is based on the principles and practices of Carolyn Tate’s new book, The Purpose Project. A pre-requisite for attending this workshop is that you will have read the book and completed some pre-work on your purpose (to be sent prior to the workshop).

This is not a ‘stand and deliver’ day of Carolyn speaking at you. It’s a day where we are all students and all teachers and you will be actively working on your why throughout the day. We do this in pairs, in groups and sometimes in nature. It’s a day of deep activation and embodiment of your why.

You’ll leave the day with:

  1. A clear, well written personal Purpose Statement.
  2. Confidence to share your Purpose Story.
  3. A fully scoped out Purpose Project.
  4. Commitment to the 12 Practices of Purpose.
  5. Deep connections to a community of Purpose Activists.

At the end of the day you will be invited to share your purpose story with your peers in a short talk (optional) to be followed by drinks and networking at Cam’s Cafe at Abbotsford Convent (from 4.30pm to 6pm).


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