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Invite Carolyn Tate to bring the Purpose Project to your workplace

Purpose is both the glue of an organisation and the guiding North Star – ever present yet never reachable. Purpose answers the most fundamental core truths; Why are we here? What is the contribution we are making? How is the world better because we exist?

A worthy purpose can be felt, seen and heard by everyone, from your employees to your customers and even the competition. This is not about sacrificing profit in the name of purpose but about ‘profiting on purpose’ by bringing your company back to its humanness.

It starts with a deep understanding of our own personal ‘work purpose’ and how we bring it to work (BYO purpose) so that it complements the higher purpose of the organisation.

What’s covered?

The one-day workshop is a glorious mix of education and exploration. We work with human-centred design tools and practices and learn from stories of purpose-driven people and companies. We cover:

1. The Power of Purpose: We define purpose, explore the history and future of purpose in leading change in business and discover how it drives vision, mission, values, culture and profitability.

2. Your Personal Work Purpose: We explore our own purpose at work and how we create a meaningful livelihood from what we love, what we are good at and what the world needs using the ‘ikigai’ purpose model.

3. Your Organisational Purpose: We explore ways to shift organisations towards a ‘prosperity’ mindset vs being driven purely by ‘profit’ or ‘purpose’ and explore how purpose can humanise the workplace.

4. The Purpose Statement: We work with a framework for you to co-create your own purpose statement and powerful stories so you can have high impact ‘purpose conversations’ with others at work.

5. The Purpose Project: We develop the outline of a project you can prototype to help you take action towards fulflling your work purpose and vision.

What are the outcomes for you?

1. Discover your ‘why’ and the power of purpose as the driver of your work.

2. Receive a suite of purpose tools & accompanying tasks you can use with your team at work.

3. Leave with clarity on your own personal and organisational purpose and a project to bring it to life.

4. Connect with your own community of like-minded, purpose-driven co-workers for ongoing dialogue and support.

Who is The Purpose Project for?

If you’re interested in exploring your own work purpose and in championing a higher-purpose in your company, this workshop is for you and your co-conspirators – your Purpose Activists. You may work in HR or marketing of a large corporate, be a partner in a professional services firm or the head of a small or medium sized business or a high school or university student. The workshop is for anyone in your company with a deep desire to do work that is ‘on purpose’ and to make change happen.

What others have said about the workshops

“I think anyone can benefit enormously from this personally and in their work, whether running their own business or employed. Purpose is intrinsic to everything – or should be.” Marion

“Thought provoking, insightful, cerebrally explorative and challenging in all the right ways. Absolutely loved it. It was more than just a day or a workshop, it feels like the start of a new chapter and a journey that can be explored and shared together.”Belinda

About Carolyn Tate, your Workshop Leader

Carolyn is an expert in the field of purpose. Her purpose is to unearth a higher purpose in people and organisations. She’s been passionately pursuing her own life and work purpose and studying purpose-driven companies for more than six years. She has a wealth of experience and knowledge to share with you. As an energetic, bold and courageous leader and storyteller, she’ll challenge you to step up and own your own personal path to purpose in life and work.

Carolyn is the author of four books (the latest one being Conscious Marketing), the founder of a start-up purpose-driven business school, The Slow School of Business and a founding member of Conscious Capitalism. Her company is also a Certified B Corporation. Carolyn is about to release her next book The Purpose Project.


The Workshop Methodology

“All learning has an emotional base” said Plato. That’s why I adopt a ‘learn by doing’, facilitated approach that brings into balance the head, the heart and the gut. We start the day with a Commitment Declaration to ensure you are ready, willing and able to give your best. During the day we use a variety of learning activities including personal reflection, journaling, deep listening, pair discussions, nature-walking, story telling and group tasks.

Everyone is equal and there is no hierarchy. You are asked to enter the space bearing no job title. We are all teachers and we are all students and we learn best in collaboration. The workshop is hosted in beautiful Abbotsford Convent surrounded by nature in order to bring you back to your natural state of being. It’s in this environment that the most profound conversations occur, the most powerful insights arise and the best choices are made.

Read our Learning Philosophy Manifesto

Contact Carolyn on 0412 806 950 or email for enquiries.


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