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Talk on Purpose Pop Ups | Host a mini-storytelling workshop

Our stories are a connection to ourselves and the world around us. They’re a way of sharing what’s most meaningful to us and how we wish to make an impact. Stories give people inspiration and a sense of belonging and purpose. They’re the library of humanity – and that’s why your story really does matter.

We’ve had over 70 people (adults and youth) unearth their stories at our Talk on Purpose course. We’ve spoken on topics as diverse as leadership, depression, money, impact spending, loyalty, sales, creativity, photography, climate change, bullying, cancer and many others. We’re a rich and diverse group of amazing purpose-driven leaders. We’re not gurus or slick professional speakers. We’re real people, sharing real stories with heart.  

Check out the videos here

We’re committed to sharing these stories in organisations everywhere with our ToP Pop Ups –  a one-hour mini-storytelling workshop hosted for your people at your conferences or place of work. A ToP Facilitator and three of our ToP Graduates are selected to share their stories according to your organisation’s interests.  The talks are followed by a mini-storytelling workshop to inspire your people to unearth their passion and purpose through the power of storytelling and public speaking.

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